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HYBRID SAAS architecture

Media Shuttle is subscription based file-transfer software delivered with our patent-pending hybrid SaaS (software as a service) architecture. Simply put, all the logistics of file movement are managed by our cloud software, and the content files are stored in the location that you choose. With Media Shuttle, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your storage location – on-premises or in the cloud – and you’ll never be locked into a single online storage provider.

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After purchasing Media Shuttle, and with the help of a Signiant customer onboarding specialist, the first step to get started is to install the ‘file pump’ software on your network server. From there you will allocate and assign your portals with URLs and administrators. As you’re assigning each portal you will choose one of three modes to move your files:

  • SEND: enabled for person to person file transfer.
  • SHARE: allows user to upload and download files within designated folders.
  • SUBMIT: provides an onramp for users to submit files to a workflow process, including a mobile app to submit news directly from the field.

Once the portal is allocated, the administrator will automatically receive an email with a link to the portal and they can login and manage customization, file movement and user access.

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Customizing PORTALS

What is a portal? The portal in Media Shuttle is the web page where users send, share or submit files; and administrators manage customization, file movement and user access. All portals are assigned and allocated with the client’s installed software; however the portal web pages are hosted and delivered by Signiant’s cloud software and infrastructure. As a result, administrators can make changes to branding of the portal or user accessibility on the fly. They also have visibility into all of the transactions completed with Media Shuttle – when and what files have been sent and by whom.

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USING Media Shuttle

Sending, sharing, or submitting a file with Media Shuttle is so intuitive that users will never need a tutorial, training session, or even an email explanation. Once a user is added to your portal, they will receive an email with a link to the portal page. On their first visit to the portal page they will be prompted to install a simple plugin; then all they have to do is drag files to or from the webpage as appropriate.  Media Shuttle also has a mobile app that allows users to submit content directly from their iPhone or iPad. Go here to download the app.

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Signiant’s powerful TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM

Signiant has been helping the world’s largest media and entertainment companies move petabytes of data for the last decade. Although Media Shuttle is relatively new to our portfolio, it is built on the same powerful technology platform that companies like Disney, ESPN, Fox and many others rely on to securely move their files. This foundation includes:

  • Acceleration – Media Shuttle’s UDP acceleration materially speeds up file transfers by maximizing the network pipe and minimizing latency.
  • Security – When Media Shuttle moves your content, our security protocols move right along with it. User email addresses are authorized and authenticated, the Public Key Infrastructure is managed with built-in certificate authority, and all media access and movement is encrypted with up to 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Scalability – Media Shuttle has auto scaling, load balancing, resource management, and centralized control all built in, and can support thousands of users across an enterprise or ecosystem of any size.
  • Elasticity – Media Shuttle’s cloud architecture enables you to quickly and easily spin up portals and add users when you need it and scale back when you don’t.
  • Resource Management – Media Shuttle even enables you to manage bandwidth for file transfers, so you can ensure that your network is both efficient and highly utilized.

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AUGMENT existing FTP

Many organizations have invested time and resources making FTP servers available to share content. Media Shuttle can be installed right alongside an existing FTP system and users can take advantage of the simple user interface, speed and powerful Media Shuttle platform without having to migrate any content. During installation of Media Shuttle all you need to do is point to the existing FTP file structure and you’re ready to go.

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