Signiant Administration and Media Exchange

About the Course

This is a hands-on, workshop designed for technical staff involved in the architecture, design, integration and development of digital workflows using Signiant tools and technologies. In this course, students will use existing Signiant components and build workflows to automate tasks as a solution to automate, accelerate and manage the secure transfer of valuable file-based media.

Who Is It For?

To get the most out of this course you should have some familiarity with Signiant products and a general knowledge of IT administration concepts (networking, security and storage).

What Will I Learn?

  • Design an appropriate deployment of Signiant for your requirement (i.e., examining scaling, placement of managers and agents).
  • Deploy and operate a Signiant Manager
  • Install and configure Signiant Agents
  • Manage and troubleshoot jobs
  • Identify best practices for Media Exchange deployments
  • Configure Signiant Media Exchange
  • Understand basic Signiant workflow concepts as they relate to Media Exchange.

Where and When?

In addition to quarterly regional sessions, dates and locations are also available upon request. If you are interested in participating, please contact your Signiant representative or fill out the form below.



  • Introduction
  • Architecture Review
  • Hands-On: Agent and User Setup
  • Hands-On: Relay Configuration
  • Best Practices Review
  • User and Agent Groups
  • Hands-On: User and Agent Group Configuration
  • Jobs
  • Hands-On Scheduled/Dropbox Workflows
  • Hands-On: Job Troubleshooting


  • Multi-manager deployment
  • Hands-On: External job monitoring
  • Signiant Reporting
  • Hands-On: Signiant Reporting
  • Media Exchange Architecture
  • Deployment Architectures
  • Discussion: Deployment options
  • Media Exchange Configuration
  • Hands-On: Media Exchange User Configuration


  • Hands-On: Media Exchange Use
  • Media Exchange Reporting
  • Hands-On: Media Exchange Reporting
  • Media Publish Point
  • Hands-On: Category Management
  • Media Exchange Workflows
  • Hands-On: Media Exchange Workflows