Why are you still using FTP?

It’s slow, unreliable, insecure , and there are far better options.

Media Shuttle is an enterprise-grade solution that is packaged and priced for businesses of all sizes. Our patented acceleration technology offers speed up t o100 times faster than FTP, and practically eliminates latency by effectively utilizing available bandwidth. Media Shuttle comes with Checkpoint Restart, which automatically reties or resumes failed transfers.


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FTP is a headache. Modern SaaS tools are much easier to deploy, manage and use, freeing upIT resources for more strategic work.


FTP is slow. Modern tools allow you to take full advantage of you existing network offering transfer speeds that can be 100x faster.


FTP is unreliable. When a transfer gets interrupted that can cost hours or even days. Modern tools will automatically restart a transfer from the point of failure.

How fast is fast

Take our File Transfer Calculator for a drive. You can easily get a sense of the performance improvement you gain with Signiant products. Play around with the different file sizes, bandwidth and locations.

Calculate your speed with Signiant

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