What’s Media Shuttle’s App-less Transfer Option All About?

In some highly regulated industries, companies are often operating under locked down corporate IT environments. Signiant's new app-less transfer option for Media Shuttle allows them to extend the solution’s adoption across their entire media ecosystems when installing software is not an option.

Freedom and Flexibility in Cloud-Based File Sending and Sharing – It’s All About the Storage

We think you should be able to decide where you want to store your valuable content. Learn about Media Shuttle's storage independence model and all the flexibility and freedom it offers.

The Benefits of SaaS Multi-Tenant Architecture

What is multi-tenant architecture and how does it benefit costumers using SaaS solutions like Media Shuttle and Flight?

Send. Share. Submit. Media Shuttle’s 3 Portal Types, Their Features and Use Cases Explored

Learn about a couple of Media Shuttles Key Features - three different types of portals that can be created to support almost any use case and portal customization.

Producing Live Streaming Coverage of Remote Events: A Cloud-Based Approach

Flight’s ability to accelerate standard HTTP(S) transfers enables a model for ingesting high-quality live video contribution feeds directly into the cloud for remote event production and streaming.

The historical growth of data: Why we need a faster transfer solution for large data sets

As the data explosion continues, bandwidth and latency are growing concerns.

Moving Large Files Between People: One solution that covers it all

Tired of shipping hard drives and struggling with FTP? Media Shuttle is a person-to-person SaaS large file transfer solution that can cover it all.

Why use Media Shuttle’s Auto Delivery feature?

Auto Delivery makes it possible to automate uploads and downloads, so no one has to lose sleep sending or receiving a file from the sunny side of the earth.