“If history is to be any lesson, we need to be very, very careful about what ways we relax any of these policies.”

After over 10 weeks of isolating and remote collaboration, the return to work appears on the horizon. As The Pandemic Series moves to that new challenge, we conclude our remote work chapter with an interview that, while optimistic, reminds us to not forget what happened and how the return to work will be anything but normal.

Eric Grau | Manager, Media Asset Management | Joyce Meyer Ministries

"Just take it a step at a time. Because in the end, whatever that may be, that's all we any of us can do."

Sathish Kumar | Manager/IT | PixStone Images

“We don't know what will come tomorrow, so we have to be prepared. There are lots of lives, lots of families, dependent on this industry. We can't stay idle after facing such a scenario.”

VR and AR are seeing resurgent interest under COVID-19. Veterans of the field think it’s about time.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are having a moment under the COVID-19 pandemic, by moving us beyond the confines of social distancing, and connecting us to our coworkers and the world despite the necessary, but frustrating restrictions keeping us all at home and making remote working challenging.

Rhodri James | Director of Technology and Operations | Gorilla

"Time. I think it's the biggest challenge. It's been frantic. It's been so frantic. Every day is just inventive in a way. Trying to get everything done within an unknown timetable and deploying technology at a slightly wider scale than we've done before."

George Rizkallah Owner | CEO | Producer/Director | The Product Factory

"We’re going to get through this together. We’re not in the same room, but we’re still working."

In the face of COVID-19, the media industry is showing support, camaraderie, and perseverance

There are many opportunities to see how individuals and organizations are leveraging their global reach and their increasing connectivity with customers and industry comrades to alleviate the stresses of COVID-19.

Is 8K More Supply or Demand?

8K has a lot to offer, and 2020 will likely add uses to the conversation. As it stands, 8K’s efficacy is heavily intertwined with the nature of individual projects and the requirements of the deliverables in question, and understanding the key strengths and current limitations of the format will be essential to its efficient and cost-effective implementation.

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