Signiant Applications: Media Shuttle as a perfect DAM/MAM companion

There’s plenty to Shuttle, and for asset managers challenged with keeping their MAMs clean and aiding end-users and partners in keeping content flowing, we’re happy to share how the world’s top M&E organizations are leveraging Shuttle to meet that challenge.

Inter-company content exchange for the modern media supply chain: an explainer

Earlier this year, Signiant expanded its inter-company capabilities, adding a lightweight but secure mechanism to Jet for automated content exchange between companies. With this, two companies that both have Jet can easily and securely set-up a cross trust, managed entirely from the cloud.

AI and machine learning are making their mark in M&E

There are plenty of practical ML and AI applications in use today, and the pace of innovation is moving at a fast clip. Understandably, no business wants to be left behind.

Twain Richardson | Owner/Operator | Frame of Reference

"This definitely opens up the market for us. We've been pushing remote work for a number of years. We've been laughed at for trying to do remote work. Now, the only way to work is remote. Now we can say, 'Okay, there is talent in Jamaica that can give you the same quality of work as if it was someone in the States.'"

Katie Hinsen | Executive Producer for Dailies and Digital Intermediate | Nice Shoes

"We're living in a moment in history that is going to have enormous impact. I very much hope that we can take the momentum we've begun in pushing and embracing technological change, pushing structural and systematic change, and embracing that as well. That is what I'd like to see. That's what's been exciting to me."

Shaina Holmes | Assistant Professor, Syracuse University | Owner, Flying Turtle Post

In a remote environment, a lot of places are ignoring the need to continue to invest in people who are entering the industry today. It’s important we continue doing that and finding ways to keep them involved.

Julian Day | Director of Business Development | ZOO Digital

“We adopted the cloud very early on and we've made it central to our operation right from the get-go. This has just proved to people what we had been banging on about the last seven years actually makes sense. Having a cloud infrastructure should be standard. It should be front and central in your planning. You shouldn't be reliant on on-premises hardware anymore."

Where does media truly stand with 5G?

“5G removes all the limitations we had with the things you have to plug in. Less gear and no limitation on where you can be,” Sahara says. “As long as you're somewhere in the network, somewhere you can get a signal, you can do what you need to do. And that's the freedom that 5G will enable.”

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