The Secret to Signiant Customer Support’s 97% Net Promoter Score

The transition to SaaS elevated the role of customer support, triggering a positive feedback loop in our products and throughout Signiant.

Slow, stalled and stuck media files? FTP in the Zettabyte Era

The flow of data across the Internet is steadily increasing, with annual global IP traffic predicted to reach 3.3 ZB by 2021. Media file sizes are also exploding with HD, 4K and 8k, and we are moving large files over longer distances — a challenging environment for FTP.

The Need for Speed Series Part 1: In a Changing Media Landscape

In a rapidly changing landscape, there are huge challenges —as well as opportunities—for distributing video in the media and entertainment industry.

The Need for Speed Series Part 2: Operational Speed – An Essential Element of Success

Content companies need to have adaptable, operational speed to survive and succeed in this consumer-driven and cloud-enabled media landscape.

The Need for Speed Series Part 3: Media Shuttle – Signiant’s Answer to Today’s Need for Speed

Signiant software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast and secure delivery of large files over public and private IP networks.

Easy, Fast and Secure Media File Transfer – the Bigfoot of Post

A full review of our Media Shuttle product by VFX Supervisor and Founder of Pixerati, Damian Allen, featured on ProVideo Coalition.

Is security enhanced or hindered by additional software layers on top of raw storage?

Media professionals have many options for storing, organizing and accessing digital media assets. While there are many factors that influence the suitability of each option for any given situation, security implications are a constant consideration. So is security enhanced or hindered by additional software layers?

Signiant's File Transfer Acceleration: What It Does And Doesn't Do

A dive into what problems Signiant's products solve: what we do and don't do in the world of file transfer acceleration