Want to add speed, security, and reliability to your own file movement application?

While most customers need the full Media Shuttle solution, some enterprises have already invested in building their own web applications — and may want to add speed, security, and reliability to the underlying file movement. For example, media services providers or large enterprises with in-house web developers may have built custom content submission portals with very specific features for metadata creation, search, etc. For these situations, Signiant offers a JavaScript API that allows customers’ web developers to embed Signiant file transfer acceleration directly into their own in-house web applications.

Signiant Web Transfer API

Signiant’s SaaS products employ a modular architecture and this is the same API that Media Shuttle is built upon — so many attributes are the same. As with the full Media Shuttle application, API customers can choose between on-premises storage and cloud object storage in the data plane. In both cases, the API now replaces the Signiant file transfer software on the client side, and server implementation is as follows:

➜  If the customer chooses to deploy on-premises storage, an on-premises server running Signiant software is also required.

➜  If the customer prefers to use their cloud object storage tenancy, the server-side compute resources and software are provided by Signiant as a fully managed, elastic SaaS in Amazon S3 and/or Microsoft Azure.

➜  On the control plane, file transfer software updates and file transfer activity tracking are still managed by the Signiant SaaS in the cloud, but all the end user interfaces are built and hosted by the customer. The pricing model for the Web Transfer API is based on payload — i.e. the cumulative volume of data moved during the annual subscription period. As with standard Media Shuttle, the file transfer server software is provided at no cost.

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