Ryan Salazar | Editor-in-Chief | Broadcast Beat

“Two different networks who want to come to our facility and shoot over the next two to six weeks, one of the first questions they asked was, "What is your COVID-19 policy? I never really thought about that, but we have to come up with one.”

Louisa Lockett | Head of Operations and Projects | Endemol Shine UK

“We've worked together in ways that we didn't deem possible. We've known the tech can do this all along, but it's never been tested at scale in the way that it has. That gives us such a positive platform to build on. I'd be really sad if we didn't continue to grow those areas.”

Taking the field: how live sports are returning in the wake of COVID-19

The industry is certain to go through even more dynamic transformations once live production resumes in full, but until then, the journey that live sports has embarked on and the creativity and tenacity the industry has demonstrated continues to captivate.

Richard Welsh | Founder and CEO | Sundog Media Toolkit

“I think the impact of this episode has been to accelerate the entire industry towards that kind of cloud future. Maybe faster than some people would like, but realistically, it takes things like this to catalyze adoption of technology.”

“If history is to be any lesson, we need to be very, very careful about what ways we relax any of these policies.”

After over 10 weeks of isolating and remote collaboration, the return to work appears on the horizon. As The Pandemic Series moves to that new challenge, we conclude our remote work chapter with an interview that, while optimistic, reminds us to not forget what happened and how the return to work will be anything but normal.

Eric Grau | Manager, Media Asset Management | Joyce Meyer Ministries

"Just take it a step at a time. Because in the end, whatever that may be, that's all we any of us can do."

Sathish Kumar | Manager/IT | PixStone Images

“We don't know what will come tomorrow, so we have to be prepared. There are lots of lives, lots of families, dependent on this industry. We can't stay idle after facing such a scenario.”

VR and AR are seeing resurgent interest under COVID-19. Veterans of the field think it’s about time.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are having a moment under the COVID-19 pandemic, by moving us beyond the confines of social distancing, and connecting us to our coworkers and the world despite the necessary, but frustrating restrictions keeping us all at home and making remote working challenging.