Brian Bailey

Brian is the VP of Customer Care and SaaS Operations.  He and his team are focused and ensuring our customers have the tools and guidance to be successful with Signiant's SaaS solutions.  Brian has been with Signiant for over a decade; in his tenure he's lead many functions including sales-support, professional services, and customer support.  Brian shares his insights on how customers further leverage Signiant technology to meet their business objectives.

Object Storage-Backed Media Shuttle: The easiest way to start touching the cloud »

No matter how big or small your company is, it's generally best to start cloud adoption with just one application that will provide broad value across your business. Cloud-based applications can change to meet the needs of users and keep up with other technologies at a rate that is impossible to match with on-premises counterparts.

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Librarians Think Differently: Why we should all thank the Library of Congress »

Over the years, many of us at Signiant have come to greatly appreciate the work being done at The Library of Congress. With James H. Billington’s recent announcement of his pending retirement after 30 years as the Librarian of Congress, I wanted to express my gratitude for the utterly important and challenging mission they’ve undertaken as historians and librarians over the past several decades. The Library of Congress has the largest archive of knowledge in the world.

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