Cory Bialowas

Cory Bialowas is the SVP of Product Management at Signiant.  Cory has two decades of experience and proven success with a range of companies including IBM, Wind River (an Intel Company) and NetFore Systems.  Cory leads the Signiant team in bringing new technology improvements and products to market.  Cory generally focuses on new product developments, industry and technology trends.

Automate large file workflows to people and the cloud »

Over the past year, Signiant’s development team has been focusing on a few new significant additions to Manager+Agents. In addition to system-to-system automations, you can now also automate workflows to people and to and from the cloud, as well as support local object storage and growing files.

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M+A Growing File Support: Start moving large video files as soon as you press record »

Manager+Agents' Growing File Support is especially helpful in any live event production, but will shorten the timeline whenever you need to send large files.

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