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Ian Hamilton is the Chief Technology Officer and a founding member of Signiant.  He leads the development of Signiant's innovative software solutions to address the challenges of fast, secure content.  Previously, Ian has held senior technology positions for ISOTRO Network Managment, Bay Networks, Notel Networks, and Bell Northern Research.  Ian shares his insights on emerging technology, software development, and observations in the market.

The Death of the NPAPI »

Netscape Navigator gave birth to the Netscape Plug-in Application Programmer Interface (NPAPI). The NPAPI allowed browser functionality to be extended to render content types, like video, not handled natively with a web page. It was also used to generically extend browser capabilities beyond those supported by standards.

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TV Technology on SaaS and the future of the media facility »

Kovalick points to the time it takes to transfer large files into the cloud as one of the biggest “shortfalls” to SaaS adoption in media. “For media apps, constrained access bandwidth poses the biggest problem (i.e. 4K editing). Usually the media is first uploaded to the server location, which could take days for some workloads,”

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Canadian in Vegas: Emmy Awards, Storage Visions, and Consumer Electronic Sprawl »

I spent last week in Las Vegas, and not just for the bustling electronic sprawl of CES. Two parallel technology events also drew me to The Gambling Capital of the World: the Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards Ceremony and a panel discussion at the Storage Visions conference. Vegas is famous for bright lights and celebrity appearances. Last week, it kept up with its reputation from Alex Trebek hosting the Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards to telepresence robots walking CES exhibit floors.

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