Margaret Craig

Margaret Craig is the Chief Executive Officer for Signiant.  She joined Signiant in 2011 and has lead the team in building and delivering innovative, next-generation file transfer solutions that are unique to the market.  In the past she held executive roles in several organizations including Ascent Media Network Services, Leitch Technology and Snell & Wilcox. Margaret shares her vision for Signiant and the dynamics of the changing market.

Reflections on the Cloud in 2016 »

Having been in the thick of the cloud transition for several years now, I am sometimes reminded of the ‘Stages of Grief’ model espoused by psychiatrists. Relative to other technology transitions this one seems to have a strong emotional component – perhaps because the move to cloud technology has happened so fast and is potentially so disruptive.

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The Positive Power of Media »

Signiant's CEO Margaret Craig talks about her experience attending the annual awards ceremony of the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) in London.

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Our cloud credo »

At a recent industry event, someone asked me “What is Signiant’s position on the cloud?”. At first this seemed like a silly question. After all, the days are long gone when cloud technology was seen as a pro-or-con issue. But on reflection, our company *does* have strong opinions on this topic; the fact that we’ve taken a stand is one of the reasons we’re seen as leaders in the cloud arena. I should be able to articulate these views, so herewith our Cloud Credo. This is what we believe...

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