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Mike Nash is Director of Product Management at Signiant. With over twenty years of experience guiding the software development process, Mike is adept at Agile development practices for cloud based software. At Signiant, he has helped pioneer hybrid SaaS solutions for the accelerated transfer of large unstructured data sets over public and private IP networks, and has been managing the development of Media Shuttle from inception. Mike mostly builds products for the media and entertainment, gaming and software development industries, but is actively adapting his skills to other data-intensive industries like life sciences and healthcare. For all of the products Mike manages, his goal is to both delight users and give businesses the technology they need to define the future of their industry. Besides managing product development, Mike also manages a four-horse farm at his home, a short bike ride from the Signiant office in Ottawa.

Transfer Files with the Signiant App »

Today we deployed an update to Media Shuttle allowing all users to transfer files using Chrome and Edge with the Signiant App. Users visiting any Shuttle portal using the Chrome or Edge browser will now be automatically prompted to download the Signiant App to transfer files.

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Three Ways Media Shuttle's Auto Delivery Streamlines Large-Scale File Transfers »

Auto Delivery allows unattended file delivery through a native application running on your computer. It removes the need to check for new content and adds the ability to configure folders for automatic upload or download.

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Google starts to wave goodbye to plug-ins »

Unfortunately, with the recent release of Chrome version 42, Google has begun the process of discontinuing support for plug-ins. This change will impact all Media Shuttle, Media Exchange and Transfer API users that are using Chrome version 42+.

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