Nelson Hsu

Nelson is a member of the senior executive team at Signiant, focusing on  business development to develop successful strategic alliances driving Signiant’s market presence and growth.  Before joining Signiant in 2014, Nelson held senior positions at EMC, Stratus, Avid Technology, Attunity and start-ups, including founding his own nationwide voice ASP – Voxeo.  Nelson shares updates and observations on strategic alliances, channel and OEM relationships with Signiant partners.

Re:Invent recap: Snowball vs. Flight for moving large amounts of content to Amazon S3 »

Snowball definitely is a sound solution if you’re moving bulk data periodically, but beware of potential operational, performance and efficiency costs.

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Channel 9 LaunchPad Video: The benefits of Flight for Azure Blob large file ingest »

Fresh of a great Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC), Signiant Flight became one of the first Developer Services offerings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. At WPC, we had a chance to explain the benefits of Flight in this new Channel 9 LaunchPad Video.

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The Super Bowl and File Acceleration, Seriously? »

Ok, so I’m an opportunist but I have to give a shout out to our New England Patriots, the XLIX Super Bowl Champions. BOOM go the Pats! Just for fun, I wanted to share an analogy between the Super Bowl victory and Accelerated File Transfer. Why? Because I’m a huge fan of both the Patriots (being a New England native) and handling the challenges of big data movement over the Internet, and hope that there are few others out there.

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Three ways the Baseball Hall of Fame explains tiered storage strategy using Amazon S3 and Glacier »

With the annual Amazon re:Invent conference upon us, I’ve noticed how much this physical experience, or any major museum experience for that matter, is similar to a digital tiered storage strategy. Tiered storage strategies help you govern and provide access to digital content or data sets quickly for Big Data analytics or perhaps nearline data for trending analysis with S3 and deeper archives like Glacier.

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