2018: The Year Media Shuttle Hit Hypergrowth

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Last year was an unprecedented year of growth for Signiant, mostly due to a significant increase in Media Shuttle adoption. In 2018, Media Shuttle’s user base grew to over 400,000 people representing every country in the world and over 25,000 businesses, ranging from the largest media enterprises to boutique startups. The growth was driven by industry forces along with continued evolution of the product to cover more use cases for every size company.

Industry Driven

These three elements come from different aspects of the industry, but together they have created an urgency that drove many to look for a more advanced file transfer solution.

  • Growing File Sizes: Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed increasing file sizes with a recent surge. Higher image resolutions like 4K/8K, immersive technologies like 3D and AR/VR, and other new large file formats are the result of major advances in the industry, creating the rich media experiences we all enjoy. But they also necessitate moving much larger files and require technology that can handle it.
  • Complex, Global (Sometime Cloud) Workflows: Globally, we are more connected than ever, and that is good for the media industry, from better world news and more diverse films to new markets and distribution channels. But it has also made them far more complex. Pile on top of that an increase in consumer device types and delivery formats like OTT/SVOD, and the complexity magnifies. Companies need technology that can handle complex, long-distance workflows that support both on-premises storage as well as cloud storage from any vendor.
  • New Security Concerns: As media files are moved throughout ever more complex supply chains, an increasing number of people have access to them, especially during post production. The prominent 2017 hacks of HBO, Netflix and Disney likely set the stage for heightened security concerns in 2018. Not only do media asset managers need to ensure that any file movement technology is secure, they need to track and control who has access and when for every file. More and more we’re hearing of studios and other large enterprises forbidding FTP because of security concerns and requiring solutions like Media Shuttle.

Media Shuttle was designed to address these core industry challenges. However, in the years since its launch, Media Shuttle has continued to evolve to meet the needs of media professionals.

Customer Driven

One of the great benefits of building cloud-native SaaS solutions like Media Shuttle is that we’re able to get direct feedback from our customers, innovate constantly and roll out new capabilities. Below are some recent highlights:

  • Distribution Groups: For organizing portal members into groups. Organize SEND and SHARE portal members into “Groups,” allowing authenticated portal members to send content to a specific set of portal members.
  • Embedded Portals: To access your portal on any website. Media Shuttle customers can now embed portals via an iframe into any website.
  • System-to-Person Automation API: The Media Shuttle System-to-Person Automation API (sold separately) allows the automation of sending content to or requesting content from end users via Signiant Manager+Agents as well as DAM/MAM systems.
  • Management API: Via a REST API, technical staff can automate repetitive tasks such as portal creation, storage assignment, user creation, and user rights assignment.  Additionally, recent updates allow you to monitor content flow across all portals.
  • App-Less Transfers: With App-Less Transfers, authorized users are able to access their files from any device, such as a mobile device, without any special software on the user’s computer.
  • Content Protection: For increased security for highly confidential content, Media Shuttle now allows you to choose an optional password-protected ‘encryption at rest’ for SEND portal deliveries. This can be enabled at the user level for individual deliveries or set by administrators at the portal level for all transfers from that portal.
  • Enhanced Language Support: Individual portals can be configured for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish …and now Japanese! Default language preferences can be set by administrators at the portal level or users can set their own language preferences, which overrides the portal default language.
  • Enhanced SAML Support: Media Shuttle’s SAML support can now be configured universally across all portals; it’s not necessary to configure SAML for each portal.
  • IMF-Aware Capability: Media Shuttle’s IMF aware capability helps end users more readily access the individual assets they need. For example, from a Media Shuttle share portal, you can open a IMF master file stored in Amazon S3 cloud storage. Media Shuttle automatically identifies CPLs in the folder and provides a user-friendly list of descriptive names. From there, you can download specific assets required to generate the local version of a program.
  • Transfer History Overhaul: Media Shuttle has always had the option for users to view their file transfer history, but “My Transfers” had a few new features added in 2018 that give you quick access to view and take action on your file transfer activity.

Those are just a sampling of product improvements accomplished in 2018. Looking ahead to 2019, we are excited to continue improving Media Shuttle and expanding its reach. If you haven’t seen Media Shuttle recently, it’s time for a fresh look. Click here to schedule a personalized demo.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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