365 Days of Media Shuttle around the world with no limits

by Rick Clarkson, VP of Product Management

Launch, Lounge, Learn, Iterate, Educate & Dominate

The last year has been crazy and exciting for Signiant with the introduction of Media Shuttle. Here’s a snapshot of the highlights.

Launch (Simple)

After months of development, on July 17th, 2012 Signiant released Media Shuttle to the world. Ahhh success! The product is released and the hard work is done. We were thrilled with how the product works, and especially with how easy it is to use and how fast files move.

Lounge (Fun but not nearly long enough)

Time to celebrate as I sit back and enjoy a cold libation with my family on the Amalfi coast.

Learn (It’s perpetual)

When we set out to build Media Shuttle, we had our objectives. Some of them were based on research and analysis, others were based on instinct. We confirmed:

  •  The market needs a solution to move extremely large files.
  • Signiant built the right product to not only move large files, but to make it easier and faster than any other solution on the planet.
  • Anyone that has tried to move a large file with Media Shuttle loves it.
  • Signiant technology is even more accessible than ever by more media professionals around the globe.
  • Our cloud formed approach with Media Shuttle – based on our patent pending Hybrid SaaS architecture– is powerful and provides the platform that media organizations need.

As expected we also learned a lot over the last year:

  • Media Shuttle is the “Dropbox” equivalent for large media.
  • We knew FTP was in use but it’s more prevalent in the industry than we expected; and users increasingly find it dreadful to use mostly because it’s very slow with prehistoric interfaces.
  • Signiant is a company that takes pride in help media professionals move the largest files and we wanted to make sure customers didn’t feel penalized for file sizes or content moved. It’s still a work-in-progress here but we have kept our user model and adjusted pricing. I think we think we got it right.
  • Our technology is being used by a wider array of users as planned. The diverse feedback has helped us strengthen Media Shuttle overall because we are listening and learning about new functionality that’s needed by our new found fans. The best part is that with our contemporary product development (Agile) and product delivery method (Hybrid SaaS) we can iterate quickly and help more media professionals move large files.
  • Hybrid SaaS is still an emerging approach to software delivery, and although it’s quickly becoming more prevalent than 1 year ago, it still requires some explanation. We are thrilled to be leaders in this area and we’ll continue to innovate so we can bring the best Media Shuttle to market.

Iterate (New features can be released so fast)

With a SaaS product we can offer customers new features quickly and with little or no friction. No lengthy enterprise software updates and testing. We complete a feature, test and release it to the world within relatively short timeframes. This has allowed us to incorporate a lot of new functionality over the last year. Here are some of the major enhancements:

  • Updated Web Plugin makes it even easier to use just a web browser to send files really fast.
  • Submit portals which allow end users to submit their content to automated workflows – a particularly helpful feature for news and sports groups where journalists submit files to an automated ingest process.
  • Share Portals – easily the coolest feature of the year – which enable users to connect Media Shuttle to existing storage and even alongside FTP servers. Users can browse or share files with team members in a common location, all with a modern interface, and upload or download content faster than ever.
  • Management and Transfer APIs – not for everyone but very powerful tools for developers.
  • User Authentication Enhancements with more login and security options and many more on the horizon.

Educate (Being the trusted advisors to our customer base is really fun)

Our job isn’t done yet. We are continuing to educate media organizations (and beyond) on the availability of this powerful solution built for moving your largest and most valuable digital assets. Check out our updated Media Shuttle pages on our website for the latest and greatest. If you have any feedback or can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at 781-221-4051 or

Dominate ( 😀 )

Not quite there yet but the plan is unfolding – stay tuned…

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