All Accelerated File Transfer Solutions Are Not Created Equal – Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Binary code with blurred green and yellow lights through it.

We spend a lot of time at Signiant explaining why our person-initiated accelerated file transfer solution – Media Shuttle – is so much better than using TCP-based solutions, such as FTP or online file sending and sharing platforms, or even couriering hard drives around. We do this because so many businesses still use one or more of these mechanisms for their file transfer needs, and because there is still a need to explain the drawbacks of these approaches, and the benefits from using Signiant’s technology instead.

But what about all those people who already understand that an accelerated file transfer solution – versus a more standard TCP-based one – is what they really need to efficiently send and share large files? And what about those who have already invested in such a solution, from a vendor other than Signiant, but are finding that it’s not meeting their needs?

Our latest case study VFX Legion blows up the model with Media Shuttle deals precisely with the latter situation. As a globally distributed visual effects house working on fast turnaround TV episodic projects, and sharing that work out among artists located thousands of miles apart, sometimes creating effects on the same shot, the need for an accelerated file transfer solution for rapidly moving these large files was abundantly clear. Their initial selection, from one of Signiant’s competitors, proved to have serious limitations, cost above all. So at the end of 2016 they made the switch to Media Shuttle. Read the case study to hear, in their own words, what problems they encountered with their initial solution, why they chose Media Shuttle to replace it, how easy the switch was, and what the key benefits have been. Price, reliability, speed of deployment, ease of use, access control, and bandwidth utilization all get covered in this fascinating account from a real world example.

For those in the former group – people trying to select the right solution between competing offerings – a more comprehensive and general “Buying Guide” has just been published by our friends at NewBay Media. Check it out here: What You Need to Know to Handle Successful File Transfer in a New Media World. The guide presents the key issues to consider, and the capabilities and features to look for, when selecting a person-initiated file transfer solution for the movement of large files within the fast-changing Media & Entertainment world. After walking through the drivers behind the need, and the advantages of advanced UDP-based solutions versus the various TCP-based alternatives, this guide then presents an array of “must have” features to help differentiate between these accelerated solutions. These include features such as cloud-native SaaS delivery, storage independence, an emphasis on usability, and multi-tiered security, to name just a few.

For our part, when prospective customers ask us “Why Signiant?’ we like to highlight key differentiators such as our longstanding position as an independent innovator and market leader in both file transfer acceleration technology, and, especially, in implementing and delivering this from the cloud as SaaS solutions. Our numerous patents in both areas speak to this. We also draw attention to our constant focus on simplicity and ease for the customer. From understanding our products and how they are priced (never by bandwidth), through installing, configuring and maintaining them, all the way down to the actual operational management and usage of the tools themselves, ease is always upmost in our minds. Our flexibility around storage, supporting equally both cloud and on-premises options, including within a single deployment, and with no bias towards any particular vendor in either case, is another key differentiator we like to highlight for prospects as they try to navigate the vendor selection process.

People have choices, and we encourage everyone to do their research before buying any solution so critical to today’s increasingly distributed and time-critical media workflows. But as more and more businesses choose Media Shuttle for their person-initiated large file transfers, and as we continue to hear stories like these from satisfied customers such as VFX Legion, we feel confident in saying that we are the right choice!

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