Baseball Lineups are Like Product Portfolios

Spring is officially here! The first round of The Masters is underway but more importantly it’s opening day for the Red Sox.  The same team that disappointed Red Sox nation with their epic collapse last September. I wonder if they can win it this year with so many new faces on the team?  Will they play small ball and win with the stolen base and sacrifice bunt?  Maybe they’ll slug it out with the rest of the American League East.  They could try to outspend the Yankees but that’s a risky strategy fraught with danger and it didn’t seem to work out so well last year. It’s clear that not one player can make or break the team but how the players work together to win. Product portfolios are like baseball lineups. They need to play together to address multiple needs of your customers. You can’t win with a starting pitcher only because great teams have a set-up man and a closer as well. They need to be tuned for the correct spot in the lineup so as to leave no gaps. Signiant has had great starting pitching and a top notch set-up pitcher but wait until you see our new closer. Signiant is about to add a new piece to our lineup and opening day for us is April 16th in Las Vegas.  Come see the new Signiant.  Certainly some familiar pieces, but new ones as well that will change the way the game is played.  Come see us at NAB booth SL4228 and find out what powerfully simple file movement means to you.

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