Building Influential Brands: a Good Lesson from SXSW

A crowded street in Austin Texas during South by Southwest.

Everybody’s talking about the 23rd Annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival coming up this weekend. As always the highly-anticipated agenda includes a wide array of talks, panels, and presentations from around the world – with the tech and media industries taking center stage. SXSW Interactive lets us stay up to date –not only with cutting-edge technical innovations—but also with important topics everyone is talking about in tech.

It takes more than just offering a great product or service

One notable is speaker Chet Gulland (Head of Strategy at Droga5) who will be hosting a SXSW Interactive panel on “Building Influential Tech Brands.” Chet’s career has been centered on creating influential and cutting-edge marketing campaigns for his clients; and his approach is defined by a deep understanding of the influence of digital on culture, competition, and consumer behavior. His belief is that this needs to be embraced in order to thrive in an environment of increasing competition. It is no longer enough to simply offer a great product or service – businesses must also focus on building an influential brand, in order to extend their reach, and promote longevity.

Scientific research tells us that the visual approach has been proven to be more effective in establishing a strong emotional response, and quickly and efficiently delivering informational content.1 Even though the context here is finding ways to more effectively connect with your target market with influential digital advertising content, it’s equally important to extend that influence at every touch point with your current and future customers. Our customers are doing this everyday through the creation of compelling and informative video content. But it shouldn’t end there.

Extending influence at every touch point

Ensuring your company’s brand is important both to the consumers of content as well as all the partners and clients within the media supply chain. We talked in an earlier post about the importance of brand and experience when engaging with your customers. And whether it’s working through the content production process or delivering final content, by having the right tools in place you can create a positive experience which reinforces your brand and builds stronger relationships.

To take it a level deeper, with a solution like Media Shuttle users have the ability to create customized portals (webpages). It’s an easy opportunity to visually engage with customers and partners – essentially advertising your brand. And the combination of the experience of easy, fast, movement of large files with a visually appealing interface is certain to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

For everyone heading to Austin this time around, enjoy the experience of one of the best events out there. The rest of us will watch from afar, and hopefully hear more about the latest trends and best practices.

[1 Wyzowl. The Power of Visual Communication : Infographic. Accessed March 03, 2016.]

[Image: 6th St SXSW 2013 Photo by Aaron Rogosin.  Accessed March 11, 2016.]

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