Channel 9 LaunchPad Video: The benefits of Flight for Azure Blob large file ingest

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Fresh off a great Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC), Signiant Flight became one of the first Developer Services offerings on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. At WPC, we had a chance to explain the benefits of Flight in this new Channel 9 LaunchPad Video.


The only SaaS solution for large file ingest to cloud storage

Signiant is the only SaaS offering to move large files fast into Azure Blobs, allowing a pay-as-you-go model for large file ingest. Using Signiant’s patented capability for file acceleration, we’ve built it with ease of use, security and speed in mind.

Signiant runs its solution in Azure and has a DevOps team that manages the Azure infrastructure for you, all you do is subscribe and move your files. You can subscribe and send directly from Marketplace at $0.40/GB; no set-up, no monthly cost, just pay and go.

If you’re looking to take advantage of Azure Blobs to optimize on-premises storage or access cloud services, it’s important to consider the best method for transferring data to and/or from Azure. If you’re data center is not located next to one of Microsoft Azure’s data centers, ingesting large files and data sets with traditional methods like FTP will pose significant challenges due to latency.

Flight not only minimizes latency, it fully capitalizes on available bandwidth for transfers up to 200 times faster than FTP and other TCP based protocols. It also allows globally distributed teams to ingest content directly from multiple locations around the world, as well as adding additional layers of security and management features.

Microsoft Azure’s Marketplace team has been great to work with as we’ve launched this unique and unmatched offering. Find out more about Azure Developer Services from this blog by Kyle Wilson, Sr. Product Manager, Azure Marketplace.

Kudos to our Developer Experience and Evangelism team who were instrumental in getting us here! Microsoft definitely has a focus on working and enabling their partners, and we are proud to be among them.

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