Come see us at HP Discover on June 11-13

One of the aspects of extreme file sharing is serious computing, if you will. The combination of massive file sizes and the high value these files represent to our customers makes the accelerated, secure movement of sharing of these assets, well, serious business. And that means our customers deploy and employ enterprise infrastructure to support their extreme file sharing requirements.

Amidst the on-going explosion of data in both the quantity and file size dimensions, every enterprise IT team is being challenged on how to support their business units under such conditions. The need to share and collaborate on digital assets only further complicates matters. This is why we are proud to be working with HP to build a new enterprise. Our collaboration spans support for a wide variety of HP enterprise infrastructure offerings from HP Proliant Servers to HP StoreAll Storage.

Signiant is excited to be participating in next week’s HP Discover event in Las Vegas! Please come by and visit us in the StoreAll pavilion area to learn more about how we’re working together on enabling IT to have the best of both worlds – control and visibility over the sharing of critical digital assets with the ease-of-use of a cloud-delivered user interface via the combination of Signiant’s extreme file sharing solutions and HP’s StoreAll Storage. And I hear there’s an extremely (pun intended!) good guitarist playing Wednesday night!

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