Comic-Con 2015 is underway and the costumes do impress

The words Boston Comic Con July 31 - August 2, 2015 Tickets on sale: February 1, 2015, over the Boston skyline at night.


Comic-Con characters

Comic-Con International 2015 is well underway in San Diego, once again creating a vortex for the largest gathering of highly talented fan girls and guys on the planet.

Comic-Con is also where many of our customers will be this weekend; representatives from production and post production studios who helped create much of the film and television that ignited all that fandom identity in the first place, including our own. And we just wanted to give a shout out to them and the hard work they do to entertain and inspire massive of grown adults to don superhero costumes.

As always, the Comic-Con event line-up and attendee costumes are impressive. Here are a few of the best articles on them so far:

Comic-Con 2015 schedule: the biggest events to watch forA handy guide to when, precisely, the internet will be blowing up 

The Best Cosplay Looks From 2015 Comic-Con

AP PHOTOS: Costumes rule at Comic-Con fan fest

If you are one of the lucky souls in San Diego right now, have fun and be safe with all those fake guns!

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