Dare to Impress with a Customized Portal

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a lightning session on ‘Customizing Your Portal.’ This was the 3rd in a new series of monthly training webinars that we’re hosting for Media Shuttle customers. As part of that session I talked a little bit about why customers would want to customize their portal, and provided some tips and tricks on how to make changes to a portal.

Some might consider the ability to customize a portal to be an insignificant feature – cool, but it doesn’t really matter. It may be my marketing bias, but I would argue it’s one of the most important features. Media Shuttle is a key interaction point between you and your customers (or partners). It’s the place where you’ll exchange your highest value assets, the sole reason you were hired to begin with. The experience of that exchange will leave an impression on your customers and will impact your reputation. It needs to 1 – work well, 2 – be easy, 3 – make them feel confident in the exchange.

Just the same way you build a website, customer portfolio, or have corporate business cards, when using Media Shuttle it becomes a corporate, customer facing asset. It’s a reflection of you and your team and is an opportunity to:

Extend Your Brand
Brand is meant to visually represent your culture and values as an organization. As you’re exchanging content with your customers and partners via Media Shuttle, it’s an opportunity to remind them that they’ve chosen the right partner in you, and leave them with a positive feeling about your relationship.

Demonstrate Your Professionalism
Media Shuttle has enough flexibility that you have the freedom to create a very professional and visually appealing web portal. You have the ability to change the background image, include your corporate logo and colors, and create a custom message for your portal users.

Dare to Impress
Many of our customers use high quality, visually stunning imagery for the background of their portal; and even use animated images for extra impact. What’s really a very simple tool turns into a really impressive corporate asset. And it becomes a very easy way to remind your customers of the caliber of work your team is capable of.

Build Trust
Nothing is more important in any relationship, including your customer relationships, than trust. Making sure your portal is branded and recognizable helps customers know they are in the right place. They feel reassured that their files are being exchanged in exactly the right place. That feeling of security builds trust, helps strengthen your relationships, and ultimately will create the positive experiences you need to continue to work together.

Today’s service business is highly competitive and oftentimes the key differentiator between you and everyone else is the quality of service you provide. Having the right tools in place and taking advantage of every touch point to reinforce your value can make the difference and help you stay ahead.

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