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Is the world is catching on to “cloud washing?”

Feb 03, 2016 By Meg Cater

Many tech companies like us have been talking about cloud washing for years. We’ve tried to educate people about the risks of long-term investment in cloud washed technology, which robs businesses of many benefits they’d expect from any as-a-service solution like elasticity, scalability, global performance, managed services and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Truth is, it’s complicated to understand all the ways companies manipulate the word “cloud” for marketing and revenue purposes. Luckily, we haven’t been alone in our rallying cry, and it seems that the combined efforts of many critics have begun to pay off.


WSJ cloud washing article

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal published an in-depth article on cloud washing. Here’s an excerpt:

Trying to stand out in a hot market—Gartner Inc. expects [cloud services] to grow nearly 17% to $204 billion this year—some providers use “cloud” in their marketing materials, sales pitches and earnings reports to include a whole range of services, say senior technology executives and industry analysts.

The practice, which critics call “cloudwashing,” isn’t new. But as more companies consider shifting key business applications to the cloud, they say mixing cloud with other services is confusing and raises the risk of getting them locked into computing-services contracts they don’t want or that don’t measure up to expectations.

As a technology company committed to delivering true cloud-native solutions, we’ve always thought the world would eventually figure out the difference. But it’s still a relief to see evidence of that shift in such a prominent media outlet.