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4 Media Shuttle features, specially designed for the enterprise

Apr 02, 2015 By Meg Cater

Announcing Media Shuttle Enterprise

Enterprises need to manage file transfers at a larger scale than smaller companies, and we’ve been working to create special features in Media Shuttle to help them out. We’re happy to announce four new features that comprise Media Shuttle’s new enterprise package. Here are the basics:

1.  User authentication with SAML

Systems administrators can authenticate large internal user groups with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), allowing individual employees to securely log into Media Shuttle with their corporate account credentials. At the same time, approved external partners can still access Media Shuttle through their own email and password.

2.  Metadata capture

This feature allows end users to fill out a form with pre-defined fields describing the file they are about to send. It’s fully customizable for things like language or shooting location, so you always know the details you need to know about incoming files.

3.  CloudSpeX to ensure file delivery specifications

Match file types and metadata against a cloud-based directory of format requirements, such as AMWA or DPP, to ensure your delivery specifications are enforced prior to delivery.

4.  Auto Delivery

This feature is currently still in beta, with general availability coming later this quarter (Q2 of 2015). It allows for unattended delivery, eliminating the need to manually check for new content and streamlines the distribution of the same content to multiple partners.