How many technical people does it take to change a workflow?

No idea? Well having attended the IT Broadcast Workflow conference, I would hazard a guess that it may be less than you would think! Gathered today at BAFTA on London’s Piccadilly, were the heavyweights of the broadcast world including BBC, ITV and South Africa’s Supersport, and service providers such as itfc and Encompass, all of whom came together to share their insights on the technology challenges (and solutions) they encountered whilst implementing new file-based workflows into their infrastructure.

From a Signiant perspective, it was a rewarding day as the vast majority of those sharing their wisdom and experiences were not only Signiant-enabled and using our workflow tools to achieve high levels of efficiency in their organisations, but also made reference during their presentations to their confidence in our continuing ability to drive innovation to support their ongoing need for more efficient workflow solutions.  It is wonderful to know that Signiant has become some deeply embedded into the broadcasting community and are viewed as integral to the success of our clients move to modernise their processes.

Whilst technology was the language of the day, a secondary theme to emerge was the challenge of how to bring your people along this new journey.  The re-education of staff to remove their dependence on physical media has clearly raised unforeseen issues and it was of great interest to see how global players have addressed this challenge through education and training. Librarians must now become data experts and producers now have to trust a virtual system to house their precious material and can no longer tuck a tape into their desk drawer so that they can easily lay their hands on their assets. People like tangible things and feel a sense of ownership of ‘their tape’ whilst a file never creates this emotional connection.

All in all it was a fascinating insight into the multiple disciplines that work within this broadcast arena and it certainly gave us food for thought to realise there are many types of customer who could and should implement Signiant into their workflows, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist them on this journey.

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