Intercontinental Content at Scale

A glowing map of the world with white dots on major cities and yellow curved lines connecting various cities.

“If you think historically about the greatest commercial empires on earth, they had to have a standard of weights and measures, a common currency—and a universal transportation system.” So says Rick Cole, Turner International’s Senior VP of Technology and Operations, who charged his team with shaping the latter — a video transport system unifying distribution to the media giant’s global locales – covering 200 countries, in 36 languages, for 38 media brands.

A majority of Turner International’s content is produced in the U.S. and edited before making its way to viewers around the world. To get it there, they needed a transportation system that fit the complexity of a global network that included numerous internal offices, partners and outsourced vendors, and they found one in Media Shuttle and Flight.

“It used to be rivers and highways and train tracks,” says Cole. What Signiant’s secure, accelerated file transfer brings to the table is still transport — a basic necessity of Turner’s commerce. See how Turner International looked to one of its geographical regions to come up with a roadmap for delivering to the rest of the world. Read the customer story here.

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