New release of Manager+Agents: Update to v13.5

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Most of the world’s top media companies rely on Signiant Manager+Agents for automated system-to-system file movement between their global locations and with partners. If you work with Manager+Agents, be sure to update to the latest software version 13.5, just released this week. This release improves key areas of Manager+Agents, making performance more reliable, APIs more robust, and keeping security up to date.

Improved scaling and reliability

This release includes innovations that dramatically improve the responsiveness of the Manager (including the REST API), and the number of jobs that can run in parallel. If you’ve been experiencing delays with things such as page load, job startup, job creation or deletion, you could benefit from upgrading. You’ll have to opt into some of these changes, click here to learn more about configuring your environment for the best performance.

API enhancements

Several improvements and additions have been made to our REST, SOAP and FIMS APIs. Notable among these is the addition of a percent complete to the getJob REST response and the capability to use Storage Profile IDs with Object Mover. Read the integration guide for more information.

IPv6 support

Looking towards the future, Manager+Agents now supports IPv6 addressing. When you’re ready to make the switch, a few simple configuration changes will allow you to support IPv6 only or a combination of IPv4 and IPv6.

Object Storage improvements

An increasing number of customers are now transferring content to and from their cloud object storage. As a result, we’ve made some changes to improve the performance of Object Mover workflows. Please remember to upgrade your Flight Gateway software to the latest version if you are using Flight Gateway with Object Mover.

Documentation improvements

The overall structure and accessibility of Manager+Agents documentation has been improved. You can now find everything you need to know about Manager+Agents on our new help site.

Security enhancements and bug fixes

Signiant is committed to applying security patches and fixing critical bugs; it is important to upgrade to version 13.5 in order to keep your environment safe from vulnerabilities. Read the release notes for a list of all the fixes and support notices in 13.5.

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