Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 4: Cloud Workflows

Signiant Flight, Manager+Agents

This series covers the most common use cases for Manager+Agents, Signiant’s flagship product and the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out, automated transfer of large files between geographically distributed locations. M+A is the core transport backbone of most major media companies.

Previous blogs in this series include: Part 1 content distribution; Part 2 content contribution, aggregation and ingest; Part 3 creative workflow, with two more coming soon on sports and applications outside of Media & Entertainment. Note that all of these examples involve business-to-business media workflows rather than the delivery of content directly to consumers.

M+A for Cloud Workflows

As cloud adoption in M&E continues to gain traction, Manager+Agents workflows are evolving to touch the cloud in various ways. Individual workflows that fit into each of the prior three use case categories in this series (distribution, aggregation, creative) might be implemented entirely on-premises, mostly in the cloud, or with a hybrid cloud approach.

The Manager+Agents system in a cloud or hybrid cloud workflow continues to serve as the ‘brains’ of the operation, orchestrating file transfers, managing network resources, maintaining records, and perhaps automating the entire workflow. The addition of Signiant’s Flight offering to the system provides a transparent means of connecting cloud storage in either AWS or Azure into a file transfer workflow.

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