Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 5: Sports

A wet tennis ball spinning through the air.

This series covers the most common use cases for Manager+Agents, Signiant’s flagship product and the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out, automated transfer of large files between geographically distributed locations. M+A is the core transport backbone of most major media companies.

Previous blogs in this series include: Part 1 content distribution; Part 2 content contribution, aggregation and ingest; Part 3 creative workflow, Part 4 cloud workflows, with one more coming soon on applications outside of Media & Entertainment. Note that all of these examples involve business-to-business media workflows rather than the delivery of content directly to consumers.

M+A for Sports Production

The cornerstone of sports video is, of course, live action footage from the multiple cameras at the venue. However, a surprising volume of file-based content is generated by broadcasters before, during and after the live event, including highlights, segments, studio components and more. For fast-turnaround content during the game, broadcasters often transfer footage to central headquarters for editing, formatting and packaging. From there it might flow to various digital media outlets or even back to the trucks for insertion into the live game feed.

This production model rests on the ability to transfer huge amounts of data, whether large files or many small clips, in a fast, secure and reliable manner. Manager+Agents software has long served as the core acceleration backbone for automated delivery of content from OB trucks to and from headquarters, quickly and securely moving large volumes of data. Before the game, things like graphic elements and produced segments from the studio are delivered to the truck for use during the game production.  After the game, the “melt file” consisting of the most relevant content is transferred back to headquarters via M+A for access by content producers and for archiving.

During the game, the fast-turnaround workflows noted above generate staggering amounts of data that can only be accommodated with highly automated, accelerated file transfer solution.

For example, just one OB truck at a 6-hour game might generate 2000 – 2500 clips, with larger weekend-long tournament events generating up to 40,000 clips for 10 trucks. With Manager+Agents, broadcasters can ensure that the content is steadily flowing out of the truck and back to headquarters, where it can be available for use within minutes of capture.  Specialized M+A features such as growing file support help make sports workflows even more efficient.

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