Manager+Agents Use Cases Part 6: Applications Outside Media & Entertainment

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This is the final post in our series covering the most common use cases for Manager+Agents, Signiant’s flagship product and the gold standard for scheduled, lights-out, automated transfer of large files between geographically distributed locations. M+A is the core transport backbone of most major media companies.

Previous blogs in this series include: Part 1 content distribution; Part 2 content contribution, aggregation and ingest; Part 3 creative workflow, Part 4 cloud workflows, and Part 5 sports. Note that all of these examples involve business-to-business media workflows rather than the delivery of content directly to consumers.

M+A applications outside of M&E

While specific details of the use cases outlined in this series are unique to the M&E space, there are parallels in other data-intensive industries. For example, consider a provider of high-res satellite images for mapping applications. A business model in this space is likely to depend on quickly providing very large data sets to many customers around the world.

Some customers may receive the same set of standard images, while others have contracted for customized packages. An Manager+Agents deployment can ensure secure, timely data transfer with detailed visibility and tracking of all deliveries.

Other industries that rely on Manager+Agents include life sciences, where clinical trial data, genome sequences, and medical images can all involve extremely large data sets. Earth sciences applications include gas & oil surveys, seismic images, and drone video for mapping. Finally, companies involved in various kinds of design use Manager+Agents to move large code bases, architectural drawings, or product design files.

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