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Utilizing the Cloud: Margaret Craig’s predictions for 2016

Dec 29, 2015 By Meg Cater

MargaretCraig How the Cloud Can Work for Your Business and Bottom Line in 2016

This time of year, our CEO Margaret Craig is often asked to peer through time and space and offer some advice to businesses for the coming year. The importance of strategically utilizing cloud technology for moving data into and out the cloud was the theme of her 2016 predictions, published on IT Briefcase. Below is a brief recap.

Utilizing cloud software for large file transfers in 2016:

  1. Turning to SaaS for file transfer:

    Many companies are facing growing data amounts that need to be transferred over substantial distance, whether it’s to reach a cloud storage data center or another site. More companies will need to use SaaS accelerated file transfer solutions like Media Shuttle and Flight to deal with latency (what is latency?) and to speed up large file transfers.

  2. Avoiding cloud storage vendor lock-in:

    With both pricing and feature battles still raging among cloud storage vendors, many enterprises are concerned about continued vendor lock-in and want to maintain optionality. Craig predicts that storage independence will be a big topic in 2016, as enterprises want the ability to store content where they choose (whether on-premises or in the cloud) and to easily move between cloud vendors.

  3. Dealing with network bottlenecks: 

    Every business has to keep an eye out for network slowdowns, but companies moving large unstructured data like geospatial satellite imagery, biotech research or video for film and television production face an exceptional challenge. Until very recently, the only viable solution for moving petabytes of data was shipping data it on hard drives, a practice Craig predicts will move further into the archives of history next year, with companies adopting scalable SaaS large file transfer solutions that efficiently utilize available bandwidth.

  4. Using high resolution footage for business video marketing: 

    2015 saw a huge increase in enterprise use of high resolution video for marketing, training and sales purposes. Craig predicts that trend accelerating even more in 2016, with easy to use and highly accessible SaaS large file transfer solutions enabling both the production and distribution of large video files.

That’s it. Those are Margaret Craig’s predictions for 2016. We hope they’ll help your business prosper in the New Year!