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Transfer Media Files During Major International Sports Events

Mar 07, 2018 By Meg Cater

The world’s largest sports events, like the Summer and Winter Games and the World Cup, require years of planning. When the host cities have finally been chosen and the opening ceremonies arranged, production crews from around the globe descend along with the athletes for some of the most action packed days of their lives.

For many years, Signiant technology has been used to transfer media files by top tier sports broadcasters and organizations. We recently published a case study highlighting the unique production workflows of three key players in major international sports events like the 2018 Winter Games, and how our solutions fit in, including:

1. International Broadcasters: Responsible for quality control and global distribution

2. Rights-Holding Broadcasters: Dealing with growing files, regional distribution and remote crews

3. Organizing Committees: Handing acquisition crews and historical archives

If you’re curious to learn how high speed file transfer solutions, both on-premises and SaaS, enable sports organizations to bring content to billions of viewers around the world:

Read the case study here.

PyeongChang winter games