NAB 2016: Everything From Video Over IP to VR. What does it all have in common?

A large group of people at tables eating at the luncheon at NAB Show.

The cloud is the one thing that unites it all

NAB 2016 is happening. And this year is particularly enlivened with possibility. Whether it’s the seemingly sudden emergence of interest in Virtual Reality or the continued discussion of Video Over IP and HDR, everything is going digital.

What does that really mean? It’s not “digital” in the 0 and 1 sense or — as most veterans of NAB like me thought of it — the “digital” signal that pushed us away from analogue.

No, in this era, it means the Internet, and all the vast cloud technology that has been built upon it.

The cloud is in full motion

What has become very clear to me this year is that the migration to the cloud is in full motion. At Signiant’s booth (SL6605), we’ve had hundreds of meetings with customers potential customers. About 80% of those conversations have been about incorporating the cloud into their technology and workflows.

Considering everything else we could be talking about, that is a huge takeover of mind space at NAB.

I’m hearing these amazing ideas about workflows from customers and colleagues that incorporate more and more uses of the cloud. I’ve been inspired by the possibilities. There are so many new and creative ways to work with this.

More opportunities for efficiency

Eventually, I got to the point where I started to conclude this is what it “should” be. The cloud opens up so many possibilities for efficiency, more time to create better content and more opportunities for a company to scale their business instantly.

And of course, Signiant is right in the thick of it, leading the way for customers to adopt true SaaS or cloud-native solutions to move large media files anywhere they need to: between systems, people or into the cloud, no matter how large or how far they need to go.

I’ve been talking and listening to a lot of people. My cheeks are sore from smiling and I’m starting to lose my voice. But the excitement around where we are heading is irresistible, and we all can’t help but talk about it.

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