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Next week’s Content Protection Summit in the wake of Sony’s cyber-attack

Dec 04, 2014 By Meg Cater

By Meg Cater

The far-reaching cyber-attack on Sony Pictures last week has put Hollywood studios on high alert as the company’s financial damage and emotional strain become apparent.

Whether the attack was in retaliation for a film negatively portraying North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or some other mal intent, Hollywood has suddenly entered an information security conversation we typically reserve for governments and banks.

Bryan Ellenburg, a content security consultant to MESA and former VP of global content security and technology for Paramount Pictures, said that this could be a “first-of-a-kind politically motivated cyber attack against a motion picture studio.”

In an article on Variety, security advisers recommend that other Hollywood studios learn from the breach: “You have to assume you will be compromised at some point,” said Tom Kellermann, chief cyber-security officer for data security firm Trend Micro. “You have to make it more difficult for people to steal your movies or steal your content.”

Should Hollywood shrink back to safer shores and stop supporting politically or socially sensitive films? Or should studios stop taking advantage of tax credits and the appeal of shooting films on foreign soil so they can keep their files on-premises at all times? How can studios work together to advance information security within their home infrastructures and the vendor technologies they depend on?

These questions and others are bound to overtake any planned discussions at next week’s Content Protection Summit in Hollywood. Signiant’s own CTO Ian Hamilton will be speaking about the future of content security in the cloud.

While it doesn’t look like Sony’s breach involved cloud solutions at this time, it will inevitably spill over into concerns about content security in the cloud.

If you’re planning to attend the Content Protection Summit, be sure to say hello to Ian (friendly guy who loves to talk cloud tech pictured over there –>) and share your thoughts around content security.