RadicalMedia’s Seamless Digital Operations


RadicalMedia is a multi-disciplinary company that produces everything from feature films and television to music videos and commercials. With post production studios in both New York and L.A., one of their biggest challenges used to be sending raw footage back and forth across the 3000 miles in order to divide workloads and take advantage of the different time zones.

We recently had the opportunity to interview Radical and hear how much Signiant has improved their business, helping them achieve a longtime goal of seamless digital operations.

We published a full case study detailing their transformation, including how they gained exceptional efficiency during the fourth season of GT Academy, enough confidence in their file security to win projects with famous musicians, and even the ability to “time travel.”

RadicalMedia’s story is especially revealing of what a highly talented, hardworking team can accomplish with the right technology. Definitely check out their case study if you have a few minutes. Otherwise, here are some spoilers.

The Results RadicalMedia saw with Signiant software:

  • With Signiant software, RadicalMedia was able to quickly send large files across their bicoastal and international locations, finally closing a digital gap in their workflow both within their business and with thousands of clients and freelancers.
  • They no longer have to pull all-nighters to make up for delayed file deliveries in order to meet deadlines.
  • RadicalMedia doesn’t have to rely on FTP and shipping services anymore, consolidating all of their large file transfer needs into a highly reliable and advanced system.
  • Radical’s east and west coast post production studios work as one, easily sharing TB of raw footage and automatically synchronizing edits.
  • They are finally utilizing all of the bandwidth they’re paying for, even over long distances and with enormous file sizes.
  • And with Signiant’s transfers, RadicalMedia is confident in the security of their client’s files, allowing them to take on high profile projects within the music industry.

“Signiant’s service has become a public utility for us. I don’t believe we can operate without it.” ~ Evan Schechtman, RadicalMedia CTO


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