Signiant (and the Patriots!) at the Super Bowl once again

A group of Signiant employees wearing Patriot jerseys and other gear.

We’re a sports-loving company with many current and former athletes among our ranks (props to our Director of Product Management who recently set a new indoor cycling record). Signiant’s media technology is used by teams across the major sports leagues, including the NFL, and we always appreciate speaking with the dedicated people who bring the sports we love to our screens.

At heart, we are fans of all sports, all athletes and all teams. However, since our corporate headquarters is in Boston, we can’t help but be wicked psyched to see the Patriots play in the Super Bowl again.

Accelerated file transfers for the complicated workflows required in modern sports production

Sunday’s game is going to be a big production. NBC reported that they will utilize 106 cameras, including 7 in UHD 4k. That is sure to produce a lot of very large files that will need to be moved quickly all over the world.

It’s times like the Super Bowl — a high demand, high production event — that Signiant’s products really shine. The multiple ways in which sports content is consumed in today’s world has made workflows infinitely more complex. Signiant makes it easy for remote crews to collaborate and quickly get footage back to headquarters. Highlights and game footage are edited, localized and distributed all over the world in a variety of formats.

For sports broadcasters, leagues and teams, Signiant solutions support a wide variety of critical workflows, rapidly and securely moving content such as:

  • Highlights from remote venues back to broadcast operations and non-broadcast distribution platforms;  
  • Transferring content from remote archives to production teams;
  • Distributing content to affiliates and partners;
  • Exchanging content with sponsors;
  • Supporting coaching staffs with training footage.

If you work in the sports industry and want to see how Signiant solutions can streamline your operations, contact us here.

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