Silence is Golden when Implementing New Technology

Red arches of a building with the word Silencio carved into them.

The very idea of rolling out new technology at your organization, and actually doing it, we all know can be incredibly daunting. The months of research, planning, internal socialization and buy-in, proof of concept, contract negotiation, and so on. Then once all the pieces finally come together and it’s rolled out to your employees you hope for the best, but expect the worst. You envision cheering and being lifted to shoulders of all your highly appreciative users like a modern-day hero, but expect to be the latest voodoo doll victim poked with sharpest pins on hand.

Since people are usually reluctant to change, oftentimes just the fact that their day-to-day is different creates a reaction. In reality there are a number of factors that can affect user acceptance of new technology. When talking with some of our Media Shuttle customers recently, one reaction was cited with enthusiasm – they didn’t really hear anything at all from their users.

Meeting and exceeding user expectations

Naturally I’d wanted to hear that every user is raving about what a fantastic solution Shuttle is, it’s so much better than anything else they’ve ever used to send their files. When I heard from our customers that it was a smooth and quiet transition, I thought that can’t be good. They reassured me that for them the reaction the got from their users “is a good thing!” They expected more complaints and that their users would be unhappy or need more training. But what they experienced was the opposite. Getting Media Shuttle up and running was smooth and uneventful.


Media Shuttle was built to give our users exactly that experience. The user interface is designed to be so simple it doesn’t require any training. It’s delivered as a service from the cloud making it easy to implement and get started immediately. The underlying intelligent UDP technology ensures that it just works every time without “nannying” as another customer put it. And from day one our customer success team is on hand to ensure a seamless transition.

User experience starts with expectations. With Media Shuttle our customers can expect a smooth transition and enjoy the silence of their file transfer solution just working.

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