The Coolest Thing About Media Shuttle for Post

Yesterday Signiant announced the anticipated release of Media Shuttle, a product we demonstrated at the 2012 NAB Show. With all the people flocking to our booth in April to see it, we knew it would be a hit.

Here’s why…

Like all of Signiant’s products, Media Shuttle provides media professionals with secure, accelerated media file deliveries in an easy-to-use interface. But unlike our other products, it delivers these interfaces from the cloud, which makes deployment a snap. In a twist on this we’ve developed some interesting patent-pending technology – a “cloud connector” to be exact – that actually keeps your media out of the cloud and safely stored on your internal network. Media professionals (and media lawyers) really dig this.

While we think all this is pretty cool, there’s another aspect to Media Shuttle that our users love. It’s the monthly subscription model. Not only does this give production companies, post houses and content owners instant access to a super scalable and secure solution for file movement, but it also makes Media Shuttle a top pick for production projects, and others looking to scale usage based on changing demand. Turn it up.  Turn it down. Then turn it up again.

One post house we work with was just telling us today how excited they were about this subscription model. For the cost of one-and-a-half motorbike couriers running tapes or disks around London, they can have Media Shuttle at their fingertips – for all their fast file transfer needs!  No capex concerns or long-term contracts. In short, Media Shuttle is the perfect line-item solution to intermittent project requirements – whether you’re delivering on-set dailies to a post house, or chasing a DOP or Director in some other city for approvals.

It’s all good.  And we think you’ll like it, too.  Sign up for a free trial subscription today.

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