Why I joined Signiant


Deciding on a new job is always a daunting task. At best, the consequences can feel weighty, but often feel something closer to monumental. Obviously, each and every person has a host of different criteria with which they approach choosing that new position—convenience, responsibility, coworkers, benefits—but for me, the most essential criteria that I found myself looking for in each of the new opportunities I pursued was a genuine interest and curiosity about the industry the company serves.

With that in mind, joining Signiant was a no brainer.

Back in 2014, while I was still in college, I had to chance to spend a summer with the Signiant team. At that point the company was smaller, the office space simpler, and—if I recall correctly—the heat a little less forgiving. Still, from the moment I started my tenure as a content marketing intern, I knew that Signiant had something special: smart, cutting-edge SaaS solutions, backed by a sharp and evolving attention to the media industry, and some very cool customers.

In many ways, my experience with Signiant came to define what I looked for in subsequent positions. When in the rush of looking for summer internships or full-time post-college work, it can sometimes be tempting to take an offer solely because it exists, but since my time in the old Burlington, MA office, I found myself doggedly looking for organizations that exuded the same dynamism that I was swept up in years before.

During the recent interview process I was able to get an update on Signiant’s progress and came to learn that Signiant is one of the fastest growing companies in media technology. Since my internship, when SaaS was still relatively new, Signiant’s SaaS products have gained wide adoption, now with more than 500,000 professionals on the platform and I was interested to learn that while acceleration remains foundational to Signiant’s platform, the company has evolved beyond fast file movement to offer some exciting new capabilities to help media companies streamline their operations. And most exciting, the customer list has grown to include an impressive list of media companies of all sizes and from all parts of the content supply chain.

When we think about the media we consume—whether that be the latest blockbuster movie, the triumphs of our favorite sports teams, or the TV shows or video games that we rushed home to watch/play when we were young and tired from school—it’s easy to forget how much goes into their creation. With keen attention to the changing needs of one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in the world, Signiant has striven to understand the nuances and the challenges that media creators and distributors face to bring the content we love to our homes, theatres, mobile devices and beyond.

Getting the opportunity to work with a team that is so genuinely committed to supporting creatives and the media organizations they sustain is a thrill, not just as a student of content marketing but as a film nerd, sports obsessive, and television addict. The chance to return to this team that helped me understand the power and the satisfaction of bringing innovative, market-leading products to an industry I’m passionate about is enough to make anyone giddy. To do so with an organization that has so demonstrated its potential for and commitment too growing and transforming only magnifies that excitement.

And that’s why I’m thrilled to be joining Signiant.

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