History of Innovation

When it comes to innovation in large file movement, it’s all about the software…and something we like to call ‘differentiated value.’ That’s why for more than a decade, Signiant has remained at the forefront of enterprise file transfer technology, driving both software innovation and industry evolution that others have both embraced and followed.

Patented Technologies

From the very start, Signiant realized new ways to help customers optimize network infrastructure investments to revolutionize file transport, security, acceleration, access and control. As passionate advocates, we come to work each day poised to address the hurdles of moving very large and important media files across IP networks while interfacing seamlessly with myriad third-party technologies.

Some of our patents include:

  • A cross-domain security model that supports authentication and authorization in business-to-business media transfers
  • Notification mechanisms core to our award-winning, central management model
  • Approaches to transferring data across high-latency, firewalled networks with minimal configuration
  • Patent-pending technologies for hybrid-cloud file movement that simplify IT administration while maximizing content security on internal networks.

First, Best and Only

Signiant has also been instrumental in some of the Media & Entertainment industry’s most successful digital media initiatives – from global, cross-platform Olympics coverage and feature film releases to complex file workflow support for the world’s largest broadcaster. These extraordinary efforts have not only brought accolades, including prestigious IBC and MITX innovation awards, but have also facilitated the industry’s ongoing transition from analog to digital formats over the past decade.

Technical achievements include:

  • Introduction of the industry’s first file movement software suite to address a broad range of users and uses, including automated system-to-system and user-to-user architectures delivered in private, public or hybrid cloud models
  • Multiple user experiences, including Web, desktop and mobile interfaces for unprecedented access
  • Broad support for third-party technologies, including reusable integration components to facilitate highly efficient file movement processes
  • Powerful, next-generation Automation Engine with a simple drag-and-drop interface for building media workflows and templates
  • Unparalleled network and bandwidth resource management capabilities that address media-specific requirements for managing and prioritizing transfer processes
  • Media transfer rates 200X faster than FTP with 95+% network efficiency.