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While new games are rapidly being created and existing games are constantly being updated, the back-end for moving and transforming gaming files is more critical than ever before to keep pace. Signiant helps some of the world’s largest game publishers support the needs of their globally dispersed development teams to get new titles to enhance collaboration and get new titles to market faster.

The Need for Speed…and Security

Solutions such as FTP may have worked in the past, these days the need for secure, accelerated file movement over the WAN is critical. You need an automated solution that is going to guarantee the delivery of your files and an email notification upon receipt in order to meet your business demands. If you have an end-to-end solution in place, your IT department will spend a lot less time on support calls tracking files.

Leading global game publishers are using Signiant today to:

  • Move hundreds of terabytes of files
  • Multi-party data exchange for game development and packaging
  • Track the movement of packages and ensure certified delivery
  • 24/7 automation to support global development teams
  • Integrate with internal systems and processes for daily updates
  • Resume transmission after a link has been restored using check-pointing
  • Schedule file delivery and prioritize the order of the files.

“Meeting time-to-market targets is a huge factor in our industry, as well as ensuring the security of our intellectual property. We are confident in relying on Signiant software to help safeguard electronic delivery of our assets. Furthermore, being compatible with Windows and Linux platforms is a huge plus in our heterogeneous environment.”Ubisoft

Xbox Use Case











“The link between the Signiant and the Windows Azure platform offers a powerful advantage to our Xbox and Zune development groups. Now that they can seamlessly connect to the Windows Azure platform to upload and work with media files, our developers can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer in terms of speed, security, operational continuity, and business resiliency.”Microsoft

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