Signiant Software for Life Sciences

This is a time of exciting developments across the life sciences field, many of which are data driven and cloud enabled. It’s now possible to capture images at incredibly high resolutions, crunch massive amounts of data cost-effectively, and extract information in real time that can save lives.

However, most of the IT infrastructures in life sciences companies, from big pharma enterprises to biotech start-ups, still rely on outdated FTP systems that are no longer up to the task of moving massive files. Companies and research institutes are turning to Signiant for enterprise-class file transfer solutions. By providing fast, secure delivery of large data sets along with visibility and control, Signiant solutions can give any life sciences company a competitive advantage. Several features of Signiant software make it especially suitable to modern life science organizations.

The fastest way to send large files and big data

Signiant’s patented acceleration technology transfers data up to 200x faster than FTP, without the need to babysit file sends. By minimizing the impact of latency while capitalizing on bandwidth, our technology is able to quickly and reliably transfer huge files anywhere in the world.

Signiant software has no file size limitations and can handle both large batch sends and extremely large single files.

High security without impacting usability

While today’s scientists are often very computer savvy, even the most technical person appreciates good UX design. Signiant’s SaaS solutions are very easy to use for both internal employees and external collaborators. Furthermore, good UX is an important aspect of secure software, as user error in implementing security features is a common source of security breach. Signiant’s software is also built on secure design principles with extensive 3rd party validation.

Scale-out management to handle multiple endpoints

Signiant software allows you to greatly increase your number of endpoints and easily manage them along with bandwidth priorities, offering a means to scale out management that seamlessly grows as your life science work does. While there are other solutions that accelerate file transfers, Signiant’s are the only ones that operate effectively at scale, including unified control, automation, and bandwidth management.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model and elasticity of SaaS

Our SaaS solutions, Media Shuttle and Flight, offer a pay-as-you go pricing model that fits pace of life science projects. More like a utility service than owning on-premises software, SaaS provides the power of advanced file transfer technology without the need to provision, manage, or pay for the infrastructure required for peak loads. With the public cloud’s virtually unlimited compute resources, Media Shuttle and Flight automatically scale to the data highs and lows of scientific research and development.

Media Shuttle is a hybrid SaaS solution that allows life science professionals to quickly transfer any size file anywhere in the world. Learn more +


Manager+Agents is an enterprise software solution for automated delivery of large files across geographically dispersed locations. Learn more +


Flight is a SaaS solution that accelerates the movement of large files and data sets into and out of cloud storage. Learn more +


Signiant’s life science customers include biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations. Here are a few examples of our current customers.



Each of our three products, Media Shuttle, Manager+Agents and Flight, specialize in accelerating large file transfers in different environments. Our customers use one or all of our products, as they seamlessly integrate with one another. Here is a very basic use case for each one.

While the kind of data being used for scientific research and development is diversifying all the time, here are a few examples of large unstructured data that requires specialized software, like Signiant’s, to move.