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Media Services Solutions

For broadcast, media and entertainment companies, content-everywhere initiatives have led the transition from linear content distribution to a world of electronic sell-through, video on demand and mobile devices.

New Revenue Opportunities

To keep pace, traditional media services businesses – and others such as Cable MSOs, IPTV and satellite service providers – have adopted intelligent file movement solutions from Signiant to capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities to service media and entertainment clients. By automating processes for aggregating, transforming and securely distributing file-based media, Signiant enables media service providers to address client needs, while becoming more productive – and profitable – with existing resources.


  • Content Aggregation
  • VOD/IPTV Distribution
  • Regional Programming Ingest
  • Ad Insertion
  • Video Portals
  • Mobile Video
  • Simultaneous release of films in multiple countries

“We found that Signiant gives us the automation and security we need. We’re genuinely excited about what Signiant has to offer.”Deluxe Digital Studios

 “The Signiant installation saves us time in two ways: first, by sending content securely over the network instead of by courier, and secondly by enabling us to free up staff from carrying out repetitive tasks which allows us to redeploy them more productively. In addition, by going the Signiant route we are poised to enable new revenue streams by sending content to emerging IPTV, Mobile and Over-The-Top services, tailoring the content to meet individual format requirements. These opportunities were not economically attractive with the manual processes.”Astral Media

“As a leading solution provider for the media industry we have adopted a best of breed approach to ensure that our service delivery meets and exceeds the expectations of customers. Our partnership with Signiant gives us a unique advantage. By combining the strengths of our networked workflow and content processing architecture with their file transfer capabilities, clients can now deliver and process their content across the world without the need to worry about technical or security issues.”BT Media and Broadcast

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