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Signiant Extends SaaS Leadership Position With Cloud Deployment Option for Media Shuttle

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LEXINGTON, MA  September 11, 2015 – Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, today announced a new cloud deployment option for Media Shuttle, the industry’s first SaaS solution for accelerated file transfer. Media Shuttle allows end users to easily send and share large files while providing the customer’s IT organization with control over where the data is stored. It is typically deployed in a patented hybrid SaaS configuration, in which transfers are orchestrated by Signiant’s control layer SaaS and the data flows via an on-premises file transfer server and storage.

On-premises infrastructure is no longer required with the new cloud deployment option. With the Signiant SaaS continuing to provide control functions, the data layer is also moved to the cloud, where file transfer servers are hosted by Signiant and connected to the customer’s cloud object storage tenancy. Signiant’s cloud file transfer server deployment is a multi-tenant, auto-scaling SaaS implementation that frees the customer from the need to deploy cloud servers and software. The company was recently granted an additional patent on this aspect of its innovative cloud platform, which is available for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure object storage.

The new cloud deployment option continues Signiant’s commitment to storage independence, allowing Media Shuttle customers to utilize on-premises storage for some asset classes and cloud storage for others. Both cloud storage and on-premises portals can be established within a single Shuttle deployment. By eliminating the need to procure and deploy on-premises hardware and minimizing network configuration complexity, cloud storage Shuttle portals can be up and running very quickly – and infrastructure costs are consumption-based. This makes them ideal for fast-turnaround projects and situations where spiky demand means that the elasticity of the cloud can provide material cost benefits.

“When Signiant introduced Media Shuttle over three years ago, many customers were uncomfortable using cloud storage for their most valuable digital assets,” said Rick Clarkson, VP of Product Management at Signiant. “That perspective is changing rapidly, and customers now want a cloud storage option. We have responded by innovating once again in another dimension, bringing a unique solution to the market that fully harnesses the power of the cloud.”

Now established as the de facto standard for moving large files between users across the global media and entertainment supply chain, Media Shuttle continues to experience dramatic growth in usage. Since its release three years ago, over 50,000 users from 150 countries have made over 1 million transfers with Media Shuttle.

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