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Signiant Product Innovations Support Customer Demand for Storage Independence, Operational Efficiencies, and Cloud Workflows

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Accelerated file transfer offerings evolve as the cloud transition picks up steam

LEXINGTON, Mass.– At NAB 2016, booth SL6605, Signiant will be demonstrating a broad array of product enhancements that support the top priorities of Media & Entertainment customers. The company will showcase the continuing evolution of its patented SaaS platform and will preview new capabilities that align with a vision for next-generation cloud workflows.

Enabling The Cloud Transition
As media companies embrace cloud technology, they rarely make a wholesale move – it is most common to take an incremental approach and adopt a hybrid model. In support of this approach, Signiant is committed to offering storage choice, with an integrated portfolio that provides seamless options for on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments.

The company’s flagship Manager+Agents solution is deployed on-premises at most large media enterprises, and functionality can be extended to the cloud with Flight, a SaaS utility for accelerated upload to cloud object storage. With a five-fold increase in customers over the past year and exponential growth in the amount of data transferred, Flight is clearly meeting a market need – both in combination with Manager+Agents and as a component of other systems.

In further support of storage independence, Signiant’s market-leading Media Shuttle solution for hands-on file movement can now be deployed with either on-premises or cloud object storage, with the option of configuring individual portals for either storage type.

As the only independent provider of accelerated cloud upload functionality, Signiant provides fully managed server-side infrastructure in the cloud with both industry leading cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Flight and Media Shuttle subscriptions can be used on either platform, with nothing to deploy and no switching cost.

Operational Efficiency
Every media business must continue to squeeze efficiency out of existing resources and infrastructure. Signiant’s goal is to assist customers to meet this on-going challenge with innovative product and workflow solutions. As a SaaS pioneer, the company has led the way in demonstrating the day-to-day benefits of SaaS to the hundreds of customers who have adopted its platform. With less software to deploy and manage, along with automatic software updates and scalability, the IT burden is reduced significantly.

Signiant also continues to enhance its entire product portfolio in support of the imperative to make media operations more efficient. Solution enhancements include:

  • Auto Delivery in Media Shuttle saves time by performing unattended download of content from storage, which can now be on either local or cloud object storage. This immediate download of new content makes Auto Delivery ideal for files that are being received into either a Signiant or 3rd party automated process (e.g. ingest). Auto Delivery upload further simplifies the user experience associated with delivering new content.
  • SAML integration which has been enhanced in Media Shuttle to allow customers to selectively define policies for authentication using corporate directories. This increased flexibility enables customers to work with an increasing number of partner organizations with varying security requirements.
  • Media Shuttle now provides administrators with easy to use tools and interfaces to migrate users and folder permissions from FTP. These new capabilities greatly reduce the time and effort associated with moving away from automated, insecure and slow file transfer systems using FTP.
  • Growing file support will be available soon in Manager+Agents to enable highly efficient end-to-end workflows in sports and live events production. Now users can start sending files as they are being written to reduce file transfer times even further.

Next-Generation Content Flow – Sneak Preview
The shift to cloud technology requires complete re-thinking of how content and metadata move throughout the ecosystem of a global media enterprise. Signiant is one of the industry’s foremost cloud innovators and delivers technology that provides the existing file transport functionality solutions for most media companies, putting the company in a unique position for thought leadership in this area.

Based on in-depth dialogue and input from across the industry, Signiant’s vision of next-generation media architectures and emerging workflow paradigms is taking shape. Visitors to the booth will have an opportunity to get a sneak preview of technology under development that supports this vision.

Signiant will be in South Lower Hall, Booth SL6605 during the NAB convention, taking place April 18-21, 2016. To arrange a meeting with Signiant, visit For more information about NAB or to register, please visit For more information about Signiant’s SaaS solutions, please visit our SaaS Platform Architecture page.

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