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Signiant Sees Increase in Global Adoption of Industry-Leading SaaS Solutions for Third Straight Year

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Company to demonstrate Cloud-native SaaS Products Media Shuttle and Flight at NAB 2016

LEXINGTON, Mass.– As the popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions grows apace, Signiant, the market leader in intelligent file movement software, will present the company’s industry-leading SaaS solutions on Booth SL6605 at NAB 2016. The Signiant team will be on hand to demonstrate the latest enhancements to both Media Shuttle, the de facto standard for hands-on file movement, and Flight, the industry’s first and only SaaS utility for automated transfer to and from cloud object storage. With built-in capabilities for integration with Flight, Signiant’s flagship Manager+Agents offering completes the company’s cloud-ready portfolio.

Since the release of Media Shuttle 3.5 years ago, Signiant has seen a steady increase in demand for its SaaS and cloud offerings. Customers have become increasingly attuned to the real day-to-day benefits of SaaS, including scalability, high availability, and automatic updates – and the SaaS economic model is now preferred by most enterprises. Widespread cloud adoption in the media and entertainment industry is also driving demand.

In 2015, Signiant saw a 55 percent increase in SaaS-based customers globally and this adoption shows no sign of slowing. The number of registered members – users of the solution – on Media Shuttle more than doubled in the last year, and Signiant expects to reach over 100,000 registered members by the 2016 NAB Show, reinforcing Shuttle’s position as the industry’s most widely-used, enterprise-class file movement solution.

Signiant’s technology provides fast, secure and reliable movement of content to and from the cloud, with Media Shuttle offering a simple interface for person-to-person transfers and Flight functioning as an embedded utility. As companies across the media supply chain focus on cloud initiatives, they rely on some combination of the two solutions to get their valuable content to the cloud.

Signiant continues to enhance Media Shuttle and Flight to address emerging use cases and provide deployment flexibility. The most recent updates include the addition of a cloud deployment option for Media Shuttle, which allows customers to use Microsoft Azure blob storage or Amazon S3 in addition to (or instead of) on-premises storage. Additional enhancements focused on making the solutions even more secure, and even easier to use and deploy will be demonstrated at NAB.

Signiant will be in South Lower Hall, Booth SL6605 during the NAB convention, taking place April 18-21, 2016. To arrange a meeting with Signiant, visit For more information about NAB or to register, please visit For more information about Signiant’s SaaS solutions, please visit our SaaS Platform Architecture page.


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