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Five Adopts Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Software

Broadcaster Selects Signiant for Major New File-based Workflow

BURLINGTON, MA (April 14, 2008) — Signiant, the leading developer of digital media distribution management solutions for the telco, media and entertainment industries, announced today that UK broadcaster, Five, subsidiary of RTL Group, has adopted Signiant as a key part of its Digital Media Distribution Strategy. The broadcaster joins a growing number of companies in the European market who have chosen Signiant to enable their business to make the transition from tape-based to file-based broadcast operations. This key installation, which was sold by Signiant’s UK reseller root6, will take place in April 2008.

Five will begin replacing its tape based operations and manual processes with the implementation of a major new digital media distribution and workflow automation system provided by Signiant. The solution will interact with other systems within Five such as Digital Asset Management, Transcode and QC (Quality Control) systems to provide a digital media supply chain that spans both the Five operation and their affiliate partners who support them in operations such as post-production and video on demand delivery to the market.

In addition, Five will be using Signiant to control and prioritise the movement of digital assets with their external partners such as ITFC, Red Bee Media, Ascent Media Group and British Telecom. All of these sites will be Signiant enabled and thus, will allow Five to have a consistent method to control, accelerate, and secure the movement of their content between these locations using a variety of network connections including the public internet as a delivery vehicle. Signiant’s technology will allow Five to control and monitor the movement of their content through the digital supply chain as it moves between the internal and external processes and also have visibility of their assets in transit. This is not a luxury that was enjoyed when performing tape based deliveries using couriers. “Once it is out the door, you can’t tell the driver to step on it!” said David Nortier, managing director, Signiant Europe.

Chris Anning, CTO for Five said; “One of the unique benefits which Signiant is bringing to Five is the ability for us to build and manage automated network aware file-based workflows. Traditional workflow systems have only really concentrated on moving the assets over the local area network, but our file-based workflow operations will involve digital collaboration with other suppliers and partners, and for that, it means we need an ability to build workflows that are aware not only of all the networks available to Five but can also prioritise the assets accordingly as they move over these digital networks between each location. Signiant gives us this much needed ability.”

He adds; “We spent a lot of time researching the market for key technology partners in each functional area of this digital workflow. We chose Signiant as they share the same values as Five and can offer us a developing, yet proven base product upon which we can build and improve our business.”

Dave Nortier adds; “We are really excited about the traction which Signiant is now making in this market. When you have companies like Five adopting your technology as the standard for their digital media supply chain operations for both internal and external business to business digital collaboration, it does send a clear message to the market that Signiant is becoming an integral component in digital broadcast strategies as new markets emerge such as video on demand and use of other destination portals to make the most of their digital assets.”

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