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Signiant Announces Media and Entertainment Industry’s First Integrated Solution to Manage File-based Workflows

Open Software Solution Manages, Secures, Automates and Accelerates Workflows for Digital Content Creators

BURLINGTON, MA  (February 8, 2007) — Signiant, Inc., the leading developer of digital media distribution management solutions for the media and entertainment industry, today announced a new version of its award-winning software solution specifically designed to help rich media content creators and producers easily implement a digital media distribution strategy for their file-based workflows.

Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite™ is unique because it is the industry’s only integrated solution that can simultaneously manage, secure, automate and accelerate digital media workflows as Tom Ohanian, Signiant’s vice president of product management explains:

“As the media and entertainment world transitions from analog to digital processes, we’re witnessing profound and irreversible transformations. This digital media revolution is disrupting traditional business models, blurring the lines between content creators and content consumers, and creating workflow, distribution and content ownership issues. To face these issues, and take advantage of new business opportunities, content producers need to implement a comprehensive digital media distribution management strategy that leverages their existing infrastructure to efficiently and securely move and distribute content throughout their ecosystem and to more media outlets. Signiant is the only company on the market that does all this,” said Ohanian.

Available immediately, Signiant’s new Digital Media Distribution Management Suite lets users easily share, repurpose and move their digital files to more places in a shorter period of time. This means that distributed teams, business partners and outside vendors can easily share and exchange files regardless of size. Signiant’s technology also allows the easy delivery of high value digital content to Internet and mobile portals, and lets users acquire and exploit community-generated content, thereby allowing them to monetize new and emerging media business models and meet time-to-market demands.

With Signiant Central Media Manager’s Web-based user interface, users can perform distribution management functions from anywhere and intelligently route digital assets over network resources according to business requirement. They can also configure, track and report on media movement easily, both internally and externally among business partners, using a simple template-driven approach.

Because security is a mission-critical necessity for any file-based workflow, Signiant’s digital media distribution management solutions include encryption, authorization and user authentication features to secure and protect digital assets in-transit from piracy and corruption. Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite is also optimized for file transfers on and off the enterprise’s central backbone, with guarantee of origin and certified delivery features.

Ease of use is paramount at every level of Signiant’s solution and many of the key features are fully automated and seamlessly integrated with common media applications. Using a template driven model, users can easily create customized distribution workflows, manage distribution schedules, and quickly set up job automation parameters.

As the size and volume of rich media files continues to exponentially increase, Signiant has developed advanced data differencing techniques that significantly reduce the amount of data to be transferred, thereby dramatically accelerating transfer rates. Moreover, thanks to the software’s active bandwidth management features, users are able to maximize usage of the available network resources.

Because it is based on an open software-only architecture, Signiant’s solution can be easily and quickly deployed within an organization’s existing infrastructure across heterogeneous operating systems, without the need to add expensive and difficult to manage appliances or servers. Signiant’s patented award-winning technology has already been deployed by hundreds of global organizations, including leading media and entertainment companies that are using it to solve mission-critical digital distribution challenges. The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite for media and entertainment companies is comprised of two core and three optional modules including:

  • Signiant Central Media Manager delivers the power and intelligence of an enterprise-wide digital media distribution solution through a web-based console that implements a fully-functioning enterprise-wide digital media distribution strategy.
  • Signiant Media Agents are deployed throughout the network and are responsible for the distribution and collection of data.
  • Signiant Media Accelerator is an optional module which accelerates data movement over high-latency networks between the Media Agents, achieving line-speed transfer-rates for large media files.
  • Signiant Media Exchange is an optional module which extends the reach of the Signiant-enabled network to allow for instance the easy upload/download of digital dailies, user-initiated upload of content to portals, or the ingest of user generated content.
  • Signiant High Availability Central Media Manager is an optional module that protects the uptime of the Signiant-enabled network with automated failover to a redundant Central Media Manager.

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