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Signiant Expands Leadership in M&E with New Customers Adopting its Intelligent File Transfer Solutions

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LEXINGTON, MA – April 4, 2018, NAB 2018, SL8405: Signiant Inc, a market leader in intelligent file transfer software, today announced new customers from the world’s top Media & Entertainment companies. This trend has been building over the past few years, with organizations throughout the industry increasingly choosing Signiant for mission-critical file movement needs, helping to make Signiant one of the fastest growing technology companies in the media industry.

In the past year, Signiant continued to gain traction in many of the newer M&E categories, including VR/AR, online video, and gaming, while further strengthening its stronghold in traditional media.

Signiant’s accelerated file transfer technology was used in the production and distribution of 8 of the 10 top sporting events worldwide in 2017 and played a role in all of the top 10 films of the year. Its Media Shuttle product recently passed several major milestones in its global reach, with 200,000 users from 25,000 companies in more than 200 countries.

New additions to the Signiant family include OSN and Jaunt, who adopted Signiant to move their most valuable assets.

OSN (Orbit Showtime Network), a leading entertainment network for the Middle East and North Africa, is known for introducing new technologies and services to the region. “We’ve known the team at Signiant for some time, so it’s great to now add them to the OSN list of partners,” said Mark Billinge, CTO at OSN. “The need for safe, secure and cost-efficient file delivery is becoming more and more important for us as our content volumes increase and our platform reach grows across the region enabled by the growth of our diverse distribution platforms. The solution also enables us to share content safely and securely with partners and support functions anywhere in the world, all contributing to our ability to exceed the expectations of our audience.”

Jaunt is the global partner of choice for producing and distributing immersive virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality content. “The ability to securely and efficiently transfer large media files is critical to us and our customers. Signiant allows us to do just that and focus our engineering on our core technologies. Embedding Signiant File Transfer into our XR Platform was simple to roll out and enables our customers to seamlessly benefit from Signiant’s accelerated file transfer,” said Olaf Brandt, Jaunt’s VP of Software, Client Platforms.

M&E professionals that have selected Signiant commonly remark on a few key areas that differentiate Signiant’s products:

Market leading products

Signiant has always been an innovator in the file transfer space and continues to lead the way. The company’s simple, yet powerful, portfolio of three products can support nearly every file transfer use case in the Media & Entertainment industry.

  • Manager + Agents is Signiant’s flagship, on-premises solution for automated and accelerated file movement between geographically dispersed data centers.
  • Flight is an innovative cloud-native SaaS solution that transports large data sets into and out of any cloud service and is capable of speeds up to multi Gbps.
  • Media Shuttle is quite simply the easiest way for users to send and share large files fast. The cloud-native SaaS solution is the de facto standard for person-initiated file transfers in the M&E industry.

Most major media customers use all three of Signiant’s products. The software offerings can be deployed separately in stand-alone applications or tied together to initiate automated workflows from a single Manager. The Manager can orchestrate site-to-site file movement via Agents, initiate cloud transfers via Flight, and kick off system-to-person deliveries through Media Shuttle.

Advanced transport technology

Signiant’s acceleration technology minimizes the impact of latency and congestion, enabling data transfer that is many times faster than traditional methods such as FTP. The proprietary protocol enables full utilization of the available bandwidth while playing nicely with other traffic on the network.

The company continues to push the limits of network speed with its patented scale-out Flight architecture, developed to deliver data to the cloud at multi-Gbps speeds.

Cloud & SaaS innovator and leader

Signiant was an early adopter of cloud technology and holds ten patents, six of which are specifically related to the cloud. The company led the way in cloud-native design, introducing its first SaaS offering in 2012 and pioneering the adoption of SaaS solutions in the professional media technology space. Both Media Shuttle and Flight were category-defining products that brought the power of cloud-native design to media industry customers, and they remain dominant today.

Storage independence

Signiant believes that media professionals know best how, and where, to store their valuable digital assets and maintains a philosophy of storage independence, supported by several recent advancements across its product line. Signiant solutions support a complete range of storage technologies and architectures:

  • Traditional on-premises file storage
  • On-premises object storage
  • Cloud object storage from both Amazon and Microsoft
  • Hybrid storage approaches

World class customer support and a 97% NPS score to prove it

Signiant prides itself on being an easy company to do business with, starting with products that are simple to understand and easy to install, manage and use. The company also has a world class customer support team.

In 2017, 97% of the people who engaged with Signiant’s customer support said they would recommend the service. The support team sits in the same location as engineering to make sure they can respond quickly to any issues and build customer feedback into product improvements.

Media & Entertainment is Signiant’s core market

The M&E industry is in Signiant’s DNA with decades of industry experience across its leadership team. Used by most of the world’s top M&E companies, Signiant’s products are designed to support the most critical use cases and can cover nearly any workflow in the industry.

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