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Signiant Launches New Modules for Content Supply Chain Management

Media Gateway and Resource Management Modules Facilitate Smooth and Easy Movement of High-Value Content Within and Beyond Organizations

BURLINGTON, MA (November 22, 2010) — Signiant today announced the release of two new software modules that complement its industry-leading family of products for content supply chain management. The new Media Gateway module streamlines the transfer and sharing of large files between individuals and organizations, and the Resource Management module adds powerful new capabilities for queuing delivery of assets and managing network bandwidth.

“Our customers are global media companies and others who require advanced capabilities for automating, accelerating, and simplifying the movement of content both within and beyond their organizations. As these two new software modules demonstrate, we are continually evolving our product family to meet those requirements,” said Rick Clarkson, Signiant’s senior director of product management. “The Resource Management module is targeted to organizations that require sophisticated control of file-based assets, network bandwidth, and server resources, and the Media Gateway module marries two file transfer modes in a manner that allows users to organize, bundle and automate their content for delivery to end users.”

Signiant’s new Media Gateway module integrates key file transfer capabilities within the company’s Central Media Manager, Media Agent, and Media Exchange software to enable automated system-to-system file exchanges, as well as easy, ad hoc transfers of files between two persons. Within a single solution, Media Gateway offers a highly flexible and seamless method for linking personal file transfers from Media Exchange with automated file exchange processes from the Media Agents without requiring professional services or custom scripts. The module automates the creation and movement of files and file bundles (packages) between systems and Media Exchange users. Users publish content to a set of categories in a hierarchical directory structure, which acts as a content portal for sharing and exchanging content, thus creating a workspace for project-based collaboration on large media assets.

A new add-on for Signiant’s Content Distribution Management software, the Resource Management module enables administrators to queue the delivery of assets between sites (e.g., New York to London or Los Angeles to Tokyo) based on the organization’s business needs and changing content delivery windows. Critical content can be moved to the top of the Resource Management Queue in real time and the system’s dynamic bandwidth allocation ensures that the high priority transfer receives the appropriate amount of network resources to complete the job.



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