Bandwidth Calculator

Signiant’s bandwidth calculator will help you understand how long it takes for different file sizes to transfer under different bandwidth conditions. Note that the higher your bandwidth, the faster large or high resolution files transfer with Signiant technology.

However, this is only true for more modern file acceleration software. Traditional methods based on TCP/HTTP like FTP cannot utilize high bandwidths, so purchasing more bandwidth will not speed up transfers with FTP.

Signiant’s UDP acceleration technology achieves the fastest file transfer, and is especially impactful for files over 500MB. For easy to use, fast and secure file acceleration that can utilize up to 99% of your bandwidth, check out Signiant’s SaaS and on-premises solutions.

To use the bandwidth calculator:

  1. Enter the length of the material you want to transfer (in minutes).
  2. Choose the quality of the media.
  3. Select your network speed.

Material Length (Minutes)

Bitrate (Bits per second)  
File Size (Bytes)

Bandwidth (Bits per second)
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Network Bandwidth Calculator

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